Why does The BBC Subsidise The Guardian To The Tune of £100 a year per genuine Guardian purchaser ?

Jonathan Stuart-Brown for Save The British Film Industry.

Little hinges control the biggest doors.  The BBC has more power and influence in The UK (via several national TV channels, national radio channels, its all powerful website and moreover it owning most of the magazines people see on display in shops ) than any other organisation.  Moreover, because of the first fifty years of its history, when it was run on Judeo-Christian morality and the highest standards of honesty and love for every part of The UK,  it developed a level of absolute trust for news coverage that is not easily broken.

Now Peter Sissons, the 20 year anchorman trusted News face of The BBC, confirms that at national West London level it is controlled by leftwing Marxists who have a strong anti-Christian agenda and that every news staff member knows that to cross the left wing groupthink of the bosses is to end your career.


How did this cancer get into The BBC ?

How did it turn from force for good (and for God) to force for evil ?

The soul tie got in when The BBC started placing all its recruitment advertising with The Guardian newspaper. The Guardian has only 250 000 sales and falling. Moreover, it actually has only 50 000 genuine sales and falling fast. The rest are all paid for by public money. Every library buys it. So does every University (including many different Departments), Quango, Charity, Union, many school staffrooms, public subsidised Theatre, Arts College,  and of course The BBC buy lots of copies.

The BBC is giving The Guardian £100 a year (from public money) for every genuine Guardian purchaser. This is wrong. The BBC as a result is peopled by Guardian readers who are only  0.000833% of the population and mostly from West London. A weird bunch indeed who despise the UK  population as a whole and would brainwash and control them by any means without any conscience. They see them in the way people used to see slaves. They are not democrats nor believers that people have equal value, dignity and worth. Yet it is the money of the masses which fund the existence of The Guardian and BBC Guardian reading bosses.  The Guardian is the Bible of BBC bosses and news editors. A false one but one they believe with 100% zeal and they are evangelical for it.

The BBC has a massive website. It is in the top 45 most visited websites in the world.  It is in the top ten in The UK. It has over 2 million pages. It could advertise for free on this website. Of course if it did, anyone could see the jobs on offer. This must not be permitted. The only people allowed to see them are The Guardian readers ( a dwindling group indeed). Moreover, The BBC bosses uses its recruitment millions to subsidise its religion and Bible: The Guardian. If it did not, this paper would go out of business and take its anti-British values with it.

The BBC has a soul tie with The Guardian values. These are: leftwing; anti-free enterprise; anti-free speech; pro-Soviet Government  ‘1984’  Big Brother control over every thought of every adult and child; high tax; anti-marriage; anti-Bible; anti-Jesus; pro-abortion on an industrial scale;  pro- murdering the elderly because they are old; anti-love of family; anti-love of town and region; anti-love of nation; anti-love of history; anti-love of  every terrorist group (the more violent the better); hatred of Israel; hatred of The USA;  religious belief in global warming; religious belief  in one world global government (of which it would wish to be the official Pravda newspaper); anti-free and fair scientific debate; anti-good manners; anti-kindness and mercy; pro- nihilism; mocking the elderly; mocking the non-West London elite; pro-anarchism and prepared to let the masses of people in Britain be starved of access to the media and to electricity to heat their homes.

The BBC has caught the disease and determined to infect the entire nation.


The Guardian also seems to have a hatred of young pretty women, which for the moment The BBC has not gone along with. But that is the only difference which suggests The Invasion of The Bodysnatchers is not quite complete.

Both The BBC and Guardian claim they are multi-ethnic, mulri-racial and multi-cultural. This is a lie. Whatever your skin colour or ethnicity, they hate you if you do not show unquestioning obedience to their religious beliefs and leftwing bias.

Yes there are good people at The Guardian (but they are not the hinges which control the doors and do not last if they protest or go off message). Yes there are very good people still left at The BBC but if they go off message, or show signs of challenging the biased news coverage and hatred of Judeo-Christian values and honest reporting, then they lose their BBC career.

Yes the BBC entertainment is excellent (but should be on its multi-billion budget) but this is a smokescreen to cover its biased news coverage and determination to destroy The Judeo-Christian belief and morality which built Britain.

The BBC decides which political leaders are acceptable. David Cameron got the Conservative leadership because he was The BBC management candidate.  Most candidates are unacceptable to them. They see themselves as the ones to choose and never to give every candidate a fair impartial chance.

They exclude trusted scientists from BBC News or Science programmes (we could name 300) such as  David Bellamy because he has too much integrity to say that global warming is true and scientific. It has cost him a huge sum of money and fame, because he will not bow to The BBC management lie. He is fighting The Soviet demon which somehow moved West after 1989.  They can not tolerate an honest man they can not bully nor buy.  The BBC bosses hatred and fear of Dr Richard A E North is an axiom.

The BBC bosses have their £8 billion pension pot invested in carbon trading which will be worthless if global warming is exposed as a lie. Their religion is coupled with venal greed.

Top management greed at The BBC,  and the notion of public service meaning grabbing Lottery Billions each year for themselves, was utterly unknown 20 years ago. Now it is normal.

The BBC gets 85% of its income (enforced by criminal law) from outside London but spends 85% of its revenue inside London, almost all in West London. It subsidises West London sucking the life, energy, vitality from the regions. In an era in which all private sector investment in any industry follows media infrastructure, The BBC has become unelected kingmaker of which regions prosper and which die. Closing its second biggest TV Centre in Birmingham saw private sector investment in the region stop almost overnight.

The BBC can be managed, although it requires axing all the senior management. It can be turned around. It needs  tremendous prayer and  immense courage.  The BBC can become a force for good again.

The first move is cutting forever its inexcusable subsidy of The Guardian and breaking the soul tie with this newspaper whose genuine readers and perverted values only represents 0.000833 of the population.

Jonathan Stuart-Brown


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  1. The same has happened to the Civil Service, the entire upper eschelon of the CS is now populated by Left-wing and Marxist anti-Christian and anti-Semitics recruited through the pages of the only newspaper the CS advertises in – The Guardian.

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  3. Agree – up to a point- with the comments above but there was a time not long ago when it supported the right wing and was just as partial, censorious, oppressive and prejudiced;


    The litmus test is this;

    Does the television broadcaster allow the input of ALL shades of opinion – both right and left.

    This happens when there is democracy, a discourse, a free and open exchange, the elevation of thought and culture and the regular broadcast of the individual SINGLE PLAY on television.

    Why is the SINGLE PLAY important?

    Because it represents the voice of the individual writer and therefore signifies the freedom of the individual writer to put forward a view. Another writer may contest this with another view and another play. Then there is a discourse – and discourse is healthy for culture and society and democracy.

    Television used to broadcast eight new plays per week – by different writers of all kinds of political persuasion – these plays were not decided by committee, or teams of executive producers or ratings decisions – but by the writers themselves

    from ‘left wingers’ such as Trevor Griffiths (play The Comedians) to ‘right wingers’ like Ian Curties with The Falklands Play – (supporting Thatchers decision to enter that war.)

    The BBC has banned or obstructed at various times plays from both the left and the right.

    Now whatever your political or religious persuasion the key thing is this;

    Does the BBC permit ‘dissent’ or the expression of individual cultural points of view – the fact is – as the above article states, it clearly does not. It supports the views of the Government, those who rule – who see, at this time, the only permitted world view is from themselves – and everyone else must adapt to and obey that line.

    The BBC claims it supports multiculturalism but it does not – when was the last time you say a Sikh play, or a play telling you a story from any particular culture? All cultures have their own stories and folklore. The BBC turns its back on regional identity in Britain while claiming it is multicultural – yet at the same time such stories are nowhere to be seen. Not only has the BBC extinguished the British regiohal identities in favour of the metropolitan elite – its also extinguished the stories and cultural identities on television of those ‘minorities’ it hypocritically says it represents! At the most it will engage only in broad stereotypes.

    A mature democracy allows dissent, discourse, discussions, the expressions of individual points of view. These are things that culturally the BBC have abandoned for a long while now – preferring to advocate ‘the STATE’ – and the BBC as either its own state or a mouthpiece for the State – knows best. And so they treat adults as though they are children. Often their excuse for this – claimed by most tyrants – is that it is for ‘the public good’ – or that offence might be given – this is nonsense since in a free media if one point of view can be put forward its opposite can also – that is of course if the BBC is accessible – which it is not.

    For the past two decades possibly more, our leading playwrights have not had access to the BBC in a free open way – writers generally are brought in as hired hands to further formats which have already been decided – but the single play is out, since dissent and individual expression is feared – and dissent will most come from the individual.
    This means that ideas are vetted first – initially with exec. decided formats which writers can only conform to and by ideas set by corporation policy seeking to promote a party line (see above article) and exec producers. who implement that policy – bringing in hack writers who gladly promote the official party line – hack writing which you will regularly see on the soaps and what the BBC claim is ‘drama’ but which is thinly veiled propaganda (replete of course with exec decided storylines of fundamentalist Christian serial killers)

    When there was a culture of play writing it produced great work from the likes of Dennis Potter, Trevor Griffiths, Ian Curteis, Harold Pinter, Jim Allen – and many great film directors cut their teeth on these works. Jim Allen for instance was a socialist – his first play on television was directed by Bladerunner,The Duellists and Robin Hood director Ridley Scott.

    The BBC television is no longer a medium for individual writers – it represents only a closed shop of elite and biased interests who monitor and control what they permit to be creative (as long as it conforms to what they want).

    The Government should have closed the BBC and sacked all its senior staff as its first move.
    It could then re-open and renew the institution with new leaders – the fact that it didnt just shows that nothing really has changed and that the coalition will not retore to fortune a once great institution – and what goes for television will also go for the British Film Industry. No change again.

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