007 Skyfall smashes through $800 million and James Bond must now beat $1 billion at the global box office.

Jonathan Stuart-Brown for Save The British Film Industry.

No matter how you look at it, SKYFALL  is a massive success financially.

Sam Mendes has a billion dollar movie on his cv.

Daniel Craig has risen from $12 million global box office for Layer Cake to a billion dollar movie.

The only word to use is CONGRATULATIONS !

China, Australia and Japan will push the franchise over the line.

It is certainly not the best 007 ever, and not necessarily a 007 movie at all , but it has proved a big hit with people prepared to pay money to see an action movie. It has proved especially successful in the UK.

Indeed in the UK it shows that $200 million dollar movies can recoup their entire budget from its own domestic market with all exports being the bonus. The cinema take with DVD, online and TV can give the producers over $200 million. If only UK investors in a UK product could guarantee access to UK shops (i.e.cinemas), which even a $200 million movie can not.

Jonathan Gems and Jon Williams are the leading authority on how the UK is the only nation which does not have automatic entry to its own cinema market. It is lamentable that The Prime Minister, Culture Minister and Chancellor do not heed either of them.



Jon Williams Calls for Quotas To Protect The British Film Industry.
Read it first hand unedited.


Jonathan Stuart-Brown



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  1. You forget to mention the power of marketing, in particular the 50th anniversary. This is lacking in 2014. The valuation of Skyfall will then be visible. But all distributors will put
    more money into marketing a movie, I think. They have learned a valuable lesson.

  2. Excellent point. The 4 year gap between the films, the 2012 marketing spend around 50 years, the fact that 2014 will lack these. Marketing matters in the film business.

  3. The Sky is the limit!
    Even the title “Sky Fall” is poorly chosen 🙂

  4. After Quantum of Solace, we all thought the titles could only get better. Incredibly it did not !
    Even the Adele song is by far her weakest ever.
    In two years and in ten years time people in her audience will not be insisting she sings it in concert compared to Rolling In The Deep/We could have had it all.
    Incredibly 47 years after Goldfinger and 40 years after Diamonds Are Forever, these are the two songs Shirley Bassey has to sing before the Queen, Presidents and to close every show.
    In time Adele will probably quietly drop the song from her shows as her normal standard work increases in volume.
    My own theory is that having had to wait ten years since a real 007 movie and 6 years since Casino Royale, the appetite from lifelong 007 fans was at a huge peak to have their addiction fixed. The failure of Quantum of Solace increased the need for a real fix. The four year wait put it at fever pitch. The marketing and 50 year Anniversary pushed it to perfect marketing conditions. The reviews were wildly over the top. A good film but not a film people are talking about a week after they have seen it. Where is the iconic scene as in the laser scene in Goldfinger ? ‘Do you expect me to talk ?’ ‘No Mr Bond I expect you….etc etc’
    Nonetheless the financial success of Skyfall has kept 007 in the game. The director and star will get lots of work on the back of this success but I suspect that the investors will be surprised that they will not deliver. The truer figures are based on their work in the last four years. This box office success was off the scale compared to the results they were producing.
    Anyway God bless them and their families. God Bless them for trying.

  5. You explanation is as sharp as a laser can be. So both the collateral and the uncertainty keeps the film industry turning.