Robin Dutta and Quota Films expose the fact the British Film Industry could be employing many tens of thousands more people.

Jonathan Stuart-Brown for Save The British Film Industry.

This is from Quota Films. Please read the website in full and make up your own mind. They say:

Two filmmakers from Central England are proud to present their independent feature documentary that will shatter all illusions of the film industry and inform all future filmmakers and worldwide cinema goers about the reality of the so called’ British Film Industry’. The current UK film industry employs 0.001% of the nation despite attracting millions of tax and lottery money paid by hard working families in the UK where work opportunities are completely ring fenced.

A film that includes discussions with over forty contributors including A-listers, legendary film insiders and Government bureaucrats which examines where we stand within the film business; how public funds are used in an industry that was once at least competitive in bygone era. The British public are being duped and this documentary is an exposé of the ugly reality of the injustice regarding UK film policy


As ever John Hemming is on the ball and gets the importance of film and TV infrastructure across each UK region.

“This is a good area to investigate, it is important to support creative enterprises in the UK and if it is all nepotistic then that is not a good thing! Quangos should not be replacing quangos if there is not a free market for film and cinema in the UK” John Hemming MP, Lib Democrat, Birmingham Yardley.




Jonathan Stuart-Brown



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