03.10 2009

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Please contact us to support us in this great cause.  First contact  please use

Mobile: 07711 320949

From Hollywood:  0 11 44 7711 320949

Outside USA and UK: +44 7711 320949


Those in the media and industry with our other phone numbers and emails already are welcome to use those.

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“Save The British Film Industry” logo designed by Omari McCarthy.



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  1. I 100% agree with you we need to think of some way to get Pinewood to the west midlands as it is ideal and meet all its needs. I wish there was something to do?

  2. The Falstaff International Film Festival here in Stratford-upon-Avon endorses a major film studios in the West Midlands. Longbridge would be a brilliant idea.

  3. Very much appreciated.

  4. p.s.
    Did you know that Pinewood Studios have just sold the back lot at Shepperton for gravel extraction? Ridley Scott’s film “Robin Hood” was the last one to be filmed on this facility.

  5. John,
    We did not know about this and thank you very much for the information. It confirms in general what we have been hearing but the gravel part was a surprise. The China, Malaysia, Canada (cheap land) gets the film work and jobs, while the expensive British land sites get sold off one by one for other (much more profitable) commercial use.
    The Government and Opposition snoozes.
    Again thankyou. Please do not be a sranger. Please keep us informed (as others are doing).

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  7. For clarity as people want to know Omari McCarthy designed the logo.