03.10 2009

Parliamentary Support


Several MPs and MEPS in all parties have  expressed strong support for a UK wide expansion  of sound stage and state of the art set infrastructure strategy. This will be updated as more of the new Parliament MPs get back to us.

We urge The Government to make the official national policy: first, preserve the excellent Pinewood and Shepperton sound stages  where we have them (do not let them be sold off for other commercial use or houses and stop the brandnames being used outside The UK or at least outside The EU) ;

Second, expand film making factory infrastructure  of sound stages  until every region, every county and every town in The UK is involved and to commence towards the centre of England.

Third, We seek more TV  infrastructure in the UK regions (and will be happy with a return to the 1970s and 80s distribution of resources) and that the BBC licence fee raised in each region is spent in that region. At the moment it is spent 85% in London  or within 2 miles of the M25 and we will be delighted to defend these figures.

In an era in which private sector investment in every business follows media infrastructure, this naturally leads to two-thirds of The UK companies moving towards London and 10 jobs being created there for every 1 in the Midlands and North.

ITV franchaises must return to only being granted in each region provided commensurate TV production is commissioned and produced in that region.

In an absolutely ideal world, SAVE THE BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY.com would seek for the Government to protect the film heritage and location of the original Pinewood Studio in Iver Heath, South Bucks by giving it special protected status.

Roll Of Honour

The Right Honourable Gisela Stuart MP,  Labour,  Edgbaston Birmingham.

The Right Honourable Shabana Mahmood MP, Labour, Ladywood, Birmingham.

The Right Honourable Louise Bagshawe MP, Conservative, Corby. Alas now in New York.

The Right Honourable Peter Bone MP, Wellingborough.

The Right Honourable John Hemming MP, Liberal Democrat,  Birmingham Yardley.


Adrian Goldberg






Vic Armstrong


Aruna Shields



Jonathan Gems


Jon Williams


John West


Omari McCarthy Design
Elliot Grove of  The Raindance Film Festival
Dov Simons
The Gray Monk (author)
John Hurt
Robin Jacob

Very Special Thanks to Talk Sport Radio which have covered the campaign extensively.


Special thanks to Bobbie Whiteman and  allthe staff at Variety: the Hollywood Bible second only to The Bible.


Very special thanks to Hollywood executives and former executives  Doug Collins (18 year executive at Paramount Studios), Scott Solomon,  Robert Kosberg.

Also huge thanks to two people no longer with us who sowed the seeds of the campaign  Charles Fitzsimmons former Director of The American Motion Picture Producers Guild  and  Dawn Steel former head of Columbia Pictures.

Thanks to all the staff and the freelance film crew workers at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios  in the UK who want to keep these  film factory facilities as film factories. Thanks to all the former employees who built the company reputation for film and TV excellence , especially including those not allowed to speak out in public.